Workopolis/Working founder on how to find The Right Job!

This weeks podcast is with Kim Peters. She was the founding President of Workopolis. Not only has she had an amazing career, but she has been involved in building three of the best career websites in Canada. I spoke with her about her perspective on the value of these sites and how to go about an effective job search campaign in the current employment landscape.

"You may find it ironic that a person who has built three Canadian job sites – Globecareers.com, Workopolis.com and Working.com – thinks that the key to a successful career is not to search a job site for a job. Job sites are a great resource, but before you even log on to your computer, you have to do some soul searching. I believe that the key to a successful career can only be found within you. Success comes from contributing to something you feel passionate about. Once you have zeroed in on what kind of work you want, you have to do your research. Figure out what the company’s business needs are and what you can do to help address them. What market is the company in? Where is it headed? Don’t just focus on the job you are after, find out what other positions the company is hiring for. This will give you clues as to its future plans. If you do your homework and can talk about what a company needs and how your abilities can meet those demands, employers will take notice. I know this from experience. My success to date has come from looking for opportunities to help grow the businesses that interested me. I studied the businesses and told them what I could do for their bottom lines.

My first job after graduation was with Xerox, a company I had singled out as one I wanted to work for. I doggedly pursued that goal until the company hired me. Focusing on opportunities and on successfully executing plans to seize them were key factors in my creating Workopolis.com and Working.com. I believe that you need to sell a company on what you can do, not what you have done in the past. Résumés alone can’t tell people how you will perform. You will also need a cover letter, both to point out how your qualifications match the employer’s requirements and to plant seeds in their minds about how you will approach the job. A professional and persuasive letter showcases your strengths as a candidate, explains why potential employers should meet you, and proves you’re really interested in their company and what they have to offer. Ultimately, your success will come when you understand what drives you and when you are able to match your passions with the right opportunity."

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In my conversation Kim goes into much greater detail about these issues and how to create your own "Right Job".

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