[MMM] Work Either Defines Or Aligns With You (& Why That Matters)

Good Monday morning,
Abraham Maslow said the greatest unmet need of people is our need for a sense of knowing who we are and for belonging.
He shared, “We hunger for an identity. We buy what we buy to remind ourselves – and tell the world around us – who we are.”
Advertisers play this game all the time.
If you own this, then you are, smarter, sexier, more attractive, more successful.
The challenge is, if you are defined by what you have, there is always something newer, better, faster or more unique.
Your visa card will never have enough credit on it to keep up with you chasing to find, or prove your identity to society.
The stronger the depth of knowledge of one’s self, the less you will buy into that myth.
Maslow understood this.
You cannot purchase the true sense of who you were created to be. You already own it and don’t need an extended warranty for it.
It’s worth more than all the stuff, status, and success you could ever pursue.
You are priceless.
There is freedom in knowing this – true freedom.

I have been processing this idea as it relates to the work we do. There is a big difference between aligning our careers with who we are, verses defining ourselves by our work.
Many people have chosen the type of work or the organization for identity purposes.
Work was never meant to be a place where we define ourselves.
I call this “The I am, or I work at” principle.
The challenge with this, much like marketers understand, there is always a more prestigious career or company.
You could spend your entire career chasing down something to define you.
The true freedom is in choosing a role and organization that aligns with you.
You don’t have to wait to 55 to have that.
Along the road with you!
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