Why your work might suck….and how to fix it.

What if you could do you work anywhere & anytime & still accomplish what your boss needed? Do you work in an environment founded on the idea that being present = productivity? I was invited to a client’s Shabbat dinner, as an Irish Catholic, this was a wonderful cultural experience. I particularly enjoyed the unique ritual of the blessing and, “Throwing the bread.” We had interesting discussions on a wide range of topics from the economy, family & politics, spirituality and yes, work. 

The topic of work, stimulated the most lively & engaging discussions of the evening, especially around work-life balance. One of the guests, a Manager with a Masters degree & a young family asked, “Why do I have to stay till 5:30, if my work is completed before then?” His frustration deeply resonated with others around the table. Like many professionals, he is hard working, respected, and delivers excellent work on schedule, but is frustrated with the flexibility that his work provides. In some ways, many employers are still acting as if we work the industrial age, except we are now working in vertical factories, punching the clock.  


We live & work in the information age. More professionals are balancing young families & elder care. According to research by The Telework Research Network, 44% of roles are telework compatible, yet only around 5% of professionals are offered a flexible work arrangement. Further research shows that 40% of desks are not used during the day, and a substantive increase of “presentism” at work. 

Why is this still the case? With high-speed bandwidth, Skype & other breakthrough technology, it has never been easier & cost efficient to provide a new kind of working relationship for employees. What are some of the myths & the facts around providing a more flexible work situation?



Professionals will take advantage of the flexibility. 

My team won’t be available when I need them.

Employees will focus more on their personal than their professional lives.

Managers need to be present for employees to be productive.


20% Increase in productivity.

7% Drop in attrition (Saving 100k in replacement costs per employee.)

6.3% Drop in absenteeism.

11% Higher revenue per employee.

28% Increase in shareholder returns.

$10,000 Savings in costs per employee that works from home 2 times per week.

 Source-The Telework Research Network


For further thoughts & solutions for your situation, you can listen to my podcast with Jody Thompson CO-creator of the Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE). Her book, Why Work Sucks and How to Fix It, was named “The Year’s Best Book on Work-Life Balance” by Business Week. Jody shared, “In a results-only work environment, people can do whatever they want, whenever they want, as long as the work gets done. You have complete control over your life as long as your deliver what is expected.”


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