Why You Shouldn't Give 100% to Your Work | Monday Morning Motivator

This past week a client shared with me her philosophy about work. “I really believe in giving 110% to my work, giving it my all.” At first glance this seems like an admirable thing. In fact, this is a statement that I have heard, said & restated many times with other clients about how important it is to give your all.  


We talk a lot about this principle at work, school, relationships & sports. However there is something underneath this statement that I am uncomfortable with. According to a Gallup survey, Work/Life balance was the #1 thing that professionals were asking for from their employers. There are over 550 million working days lost annually in North America lost due to job stress. This is the cost of “giving it your all.” 


Let’s say I had $100 in my pocket, and you wanted to borrow some money, so I gave you all of my money, which meant that I didn’t buy the medicine my daughter needed that day. Who won out of the deal, and who lost? 


Let’s say, instead of giving you my all, I gave you $50 and used the rest to buy my daughter’s medicine as well as some treats for my son. Who won and who lost in that deal? No one lost, we all benefited.  


That is my definition of giving your best. It is the same principle in the workplace. When you give work your best, you and your employer get a fair trade; everyone benefits. When you give it your all, there probably is not a lot left over for the other dimensions of your life – your health, relationships, family and your hobbies. 


Too often we pride ourselves on giving our all, and the results are not generally the best. As my old boss Peter Ward says, “The good is the enemy of the best.”  


As we enter into the summer season, spend time with family and friends, and make time to do something that you love and that relaxes you. Give it a try, you may find you start to win in a lot more places than work! 


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