Why work often sucks & how to fix it | Jody Thompson founder of The Results Only Work Environment

Are you micromanaged and feeling stressed about managing your time while at work? Do you work in an environment founded on the idea that being present = productivity? A lot has been said in recent years about finding work-life balance, about finding ways to enjoy both your career and your life. This week’s podcast is with Jody Thompson, co-author of Why Work Sucks & How to Fix It. She was our recent guest on our Canadian Career Development Webinar Series.

You might be saying, “Is there any other way to work?” Jody introduced a new idea, which is really an old idea. Jody shared, “In a results-only work environment’, people can do whatever they want, whenever they want, as long as the work gets done. You have complete control over your life as long as your work gets done. You can go grocery shopping at ten in the morning on Tuesday. You can take a nap at two in the afternoon on Wednesday. ” Ironically, what I find interesting is that if we go back to the agriculture age, that was a results only work environment. If you didn’t sew your seeds, you wouldn’t reap the results. This was also how you got through post-secondary education; no one managed you. How, where and when you did the work wasn’t important, as long as it was quality and handed in on time. 


This week’s workout – What meeting should you not attend this week? 


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