[MMM] Why Waiting & Hoping are the Absolute Riskiest Things for Your Career Right Now

Good Monday Morning,


How ironic, this cover is from Harry Rosen’s magazine that just landed in my mailbox.


This seems so Feb 2020.



There are two key messages on the front page. These two Olympic athletes, Derek Drouin & Damien Warner, are representing Canada at the upcoming Summer Olympics, when, not if, it comes in 2021. The messages are:


1. Rise to the occasion
2. The two-second rule


When this was printed – the world was a completely different place.


Rise meant more – more stuff.
Rise now means – more purpose, more meaning, more helping, more serving.


The two-second rule meant – Dress for success.
The two-second rule now means – Be prepared for success.


I understand the discipline it takes to be an Olympic athlete – I ran with one a few years ago & was amazed at the rigour in his life.


We are proud to say, one of our very own team members, Annie Fergusson, is on the 2020 Canadian Paralympic team.


We see, even in this time, the creative ways she & her team members are making the best out of what is happening. Yes, training environments are shut down; however, they have created a whole new way to approach how they practise & prepare.


It’s easy at this time to wait in a holding pattern to see what’s going to happen next.


That’s in some way natural – “wait & see.”


The better approach,


Invest & create.


The daily practise of professionalism, moment by moment, mostly when nobody else is watching, is how they are preparing to go for the gold.


The smart organizations & professionals investing, to engage in what needs they can help with now & what even bigger needs are just around the corner.


I’m proud to say, that since I started the company, we have delivered all of our training, coaching & services to be done in a one-to-one, flexible virtual platform & delivery model.


Like Annie & her team, our smart corporate partners are investing in training & development their teams with our virtual leadership & training options.


Smart individuals are investing in our programs to be smarter about their job search (instead of asking their dog-walker to edit their resume). Others are taking the time to think about their skills & options for the future.


The rhetoric right now is that there are no jobs & no opportunities.


That is simply not true.


We are in the most disruptive time in our history – there will be more new opportunities in every industry- there are no easy opportunities.




I’ve been saying for years that we were heading into the most competitive & complex times we have ever seen.


I didn’t see it coming about this way.


The Olympic and Paralympic athletes reflect the very best of Canada – they are not average in anything they do.


Being average, comfortable, & waiting is the absolute riskiest thing you can do right now.


It’s not about the fancy dress, suit, or tie.




It’s about putting in real diligence & discipline – true “sweat” equity into your organization & career.


It’s about starting to believe.


In you.


This is not just Derek, Drew, or Annie’s Olympic moment.


It’s yours.


Game on.


Along the road with you!




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