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Happy Canada Day weekend, it’s that time of year again, when we start getting our bags packed for our summer trip to Europe. Ten glorious days on a ship, followed by a two-month vacation in France, and then, (sigh), I awake from my dream. I am back in the year 2012. 


At least I was right about one thing – that wonderful time of the year we call summer, has now arrived. Our family is really excited to have a commitment free schedule during the summer. I am already giving my windsurfer a good summer workout.


According to a 2011 Vacation Deprivation survey by Expedia.ca (which happens to be my favorite travel site): 


o We take on average 15 of our 16 vacation days. That translates to 17 million unused    vacation days.

o Albertans get an average of 20 vacation days & take 15.

o People in the Prairies use 100% of their vacation time.

o People in Ontario, get an average 15 days & use 14 of them.

o 38% cancel or postpone vacations due to work.

o Canada ranks in the “nicest boss” category as only 22% disapprove of vacations as    opposed to Italy where 56% of bosses disapprove of vacations

o 9% of professionals in Ontario, perceive that using all your vacation is a career limiting    move.

o Even when we do take vacations, over 68% of those in Vancouver & 58% of those in Quebec, check their work email and/or vmail while away. This is especially more common with smart phones.

o Beach vacation is the number 1 choice of Canadians in all provinces.

o We vacation mostly with our families (47%) followed by spouse 42%

In a study by the University of New York State, researchers followed a group of 1200 men aged 35 – 57. The results of the study suggested that those who took their vacations every year reduced their overall risk of death by 20% and heart disease by 30%. Those who hadn’t taken a vacation in over 5 years suffered the highest overall death rate and highest incidence of heart disease.


So the real question is: why are you NOT taking a vacation? Yes, I can hear all of your reasons; “I am busy, who will do my job, I will have too much work to do when I get back, I just want to complete this project“, and so on. I am hoping this will give you some food for thought. If you are truly a dedicated employee, then TAKE your vacation. You, your family, and your employer will benefit.


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