Why should I vote/hire you? Part 1 – What Job search & election campaigns have in common

Did you happen to watch the election debates this past week? Almost 5 million Canadians tuned in. Who stood out for you? 

The debate was a key opportunity for the leadership candidates to clearly make a case for who they are, what they will do and why you should “hire” them as the next Prime Minister. There are five people competing for the job – Elizabeth May even figured out how to participate virtually!


This week’s podcast – The Workopolis Great Canadian Job Search Campaign Series – Preparing Your Campaign – Part 1


Part 2 – Preparing Your Platform


The next element of any successful election campaign is preparing your platform (join me for part 2 in our webinar series).


What is the platform?  For a candidate, the “platform” is the foundation upon which they will execute their campaign – the place where candidates build the case for why they should be hired.


In a job search, your platform is essentially your personal brand. Of the 20 million Canadians currently in the workforce, why would an employer hire you?


To create your platform, you need three key elements:


1. Who? – What education, experience, personality, values, successes and failures do you have to offer?

2. What? – What can do for you for an employer? What is your track record? How can you solve problems and save  or make money for your future employer?

3. Why? – What is the evidence that you are “who” you say you are, and that you can do “what” you say you are going to do?


In a recent Kelly Global Workforce Index survey of 1.34 million people taken in 29 countries, 69% of Gen X, 67% of Gen Y and 61% of baby boomers said they were willing to invest in their personal brand through upgrading their education, training and coaching. In an increasing global competitive job market, professionals across the globe are recognizing the critical value and necessity of differentiating themselves.


Want to get hired? Know your brand.

Want opportunity to find you? Know your brand.

Want to get the best opportunities? Know your brand.

Want to get promoted? Know your brand.

Want the highest level of job satisfaction? Know your brand.

You are unique. You need to know that and, more importantly, you need to project it.


What’s your brand? Your future of your career hangs on the answer.


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Join me for Part 2 – Creating your platform – Your Personal Brand The Workopolis Great Canadian Job Campaign.  


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