Why should I hire you? Your personal brand is a great way to address this question

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Brands – They are everywhere and constantly influencing us.

Brands – They compete for our mindshare and our money.

Brands – They help reduce risk and shorten our decision time.

Brands – Are how we make our choices.


This week’s podcast is with Peter Harris from Workopolis & myself talking about knowing and marketing yourself and how to use this to your advantage when managing your career. 


Everyday, like it or not, we make decisions based upon brands. They create platforms upon which we build our lifestyle. They also influence quality of life. They even impact how we choose our politicians.  What one word you would use to describe each of the politicians below?


Michael Ignatieff –

Jack Layton –

Elizabeth May-

Gilles Duceppe –

Steven Harper –  


I heard a really interesting comment about the NDP’s success.  People voted for Jack, not necessarily for the NDP.  This is as evidenced by many of the NDP candidates who were “unknowns” in their very own ridings and even absent for the entire campaign!  


Elizabeth May, Jack Layton and Steven Harper were all very clear, consitent and confident – they knew their brand.  Michael Ignatieff and Gilles Duceppe, not so clear, confident and consistent – smart intillegent and gifted, but with an unclear brand. 


Whether you are choosing your car, coffee or the next Prime Minister, it is all about branding.  Want to be successful in your career?  You need to have the answer to this question:


What’s your brand?


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Branding, along the road with you!


Alan Kearns 


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