[FLR] | Why Self-Leadership is the Most Important Leadership | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,


Earlier this week I went to see the new Top Gun Maverick movie starring Tom Cruise.


Without sharing too many spoilers, I was impacted by the flight scenes almost just as much as I was in the first movie.


Interesting fact: Cruise personally designed a training program for his cast which allowed them to be in flight. This resulted in a spectacular cinematographic experience of witnessing the real cast in F-18s.


Did I love the movie? It was a solid summer movie but was just an OK film. Was I impressed with Tom Cruise once again? Absolutely. Plainly speaking, he has managed his career and demonstrated [LQ] Leadership Intelligence extremely well.


Tom Cruise is a great example of leadership of self means, and has always maintained a high commitment to discipline and excellence. The foundation of [LQ] Leadership Intelligence is leadership of self, and Cruise has exhibited its three pillars:


  • Clarity – Cruise held firm to his deep knowledge about what he wanted movie goers to feel; namely that “in-flight” authentic experience.
  • Integrity – Cruise acted in a manner consistent with those values by actually following through on the development of the training program.
  • Courage – Cruise was willing to sacrifice his own personal well-being (g-force isn’t an enjoyable experience) to act in a way to his values.
Leadership of self is the beginning of all leadership. How do you plan on leading yourself forward in your career?


Along the road with you!