Why leaders get stuck in positions below their potential…

Have you ever wondered why some people are able to climb the corporate ladder higher, or faster than others? Aside, from the inevitable political reasons, there is some important research published in The Harvard Business Review on which leaders get promoted. I am interested in this type of research, as we invest about 50% of our time coaching leaders to achieve their potential. The research from HBR, identifies four distinctive decision-making styles in business. It also states the need for a clear shift in style as you move from supervisor, to a more senior executive role.


The four leadership styles described are;


1. Decisive Style: Little information and one course of action. It is related to task-oriented, direct, efficient, fast and firm managers.

2. Flexible: Little information but many options. This is about speed and adaptability – decisions can change with shifting situations.

3. Hierarchic: Reams of data, but one course of action. This is about being intellectual in nature. All decisions are final.

4. Integrative: Various data and a set of options. It involves creativity, inputs from many sources and multiple courses of action.


Researchers discovered that the most successful executives are more likely to have a “decisive” style early in their careers. They may evolve to a “hierarchic” style as they move up the career ladder, and, ultimately, they adapt their style to that of “flexible” and “integrative” leader. Those who didn’t evolve their styles, were most likely to stall and not move into a senior executive role. 


What ways has your leadership style evolved? We often like to read about change, and talk about change, but to what extent are you changing? We can help you identify your leadership style & support you to become a more effective leader.  


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