Why do you want a predictable career when, you can have an interesting one. Lessons from Sting

Our team spent a weekend working with families from Aldergrove, as part of a new reality TV series on OWN, Million Dollar Neighborhood. We were there helping with the question “What is the right career?” One of the participants shared that he wished “the message would come in a bottle” (for those that missed the episode, click here to watch online). Ah yes, the “message in the bottle solution” also a great song by Sting.

Sting is one of my favorite musicians, he is soulful, intelligent & full of class. I watched a documentary about Sting’s life, Bring on the Night. This was shot during the recording of his first solo album.


There were many things I learned from this documentary. Sting grew up the son of a milkman. At the end of his street was a shipyard. Men would work on the ships for 9 months, and then send them out to sea, never to be seen again. This became the metaphor for how Sting saw his life – embarking on the great adventure of life, rather than staying safe in the harbour


Sting shared; “One of the greatest things in my life is that I don’t have the faintest idea of what I will be doing a year from now. One of the reasons I left teaching was that I could predict what my life would look like, as an Assistant Head Master in 10 years time. That was a nightmare. I much prefer not knowing what is around the corner.”


Sting’s right career, was his gift to the world is as a tremendous lyricist and composer. He spoke about the time he knew that he had reached his dream. It was when he was in the hospital and a window cleaner started to whistle Roxanne. Sting said; “I almost started to weep.” He had a similar experience in another hospital, when, waiting for his son to be born, Sting heard an orderly whistling Walking on the Moon. “It is a great privilege to do what I am gifted in and to be able to affect others.”


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What is your “SOS to the world”? What’s your “Message in the Bottle”? I hope someone gets your message…


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SOS to the world, along the road with you!  




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