When is it the best time to look for a job and ask for a raise?

Have you ever felt that you were too soon or too late for an opportunity? When is the best time to follow up on an interview? When is the best time to look for a job? Listen to the podcast from our recent webinar with Mark Di Vincenzo, N.Y. Times best selling author of Buy Ketchup In May and Fly at Noon. A guide to the best time to buy this, do that and go there

I was drawn to Mark’s book by the core question: Does timing really matter that much in our life? Mark commented, “Timing is crucial in the workplace.” I couldn’t agree more. Paying attention to some of the external timing factors can help you achieve better outcomes. Mark shared some interesting research on timing in the workplace from his highly-engaging book.

What’s the best day to interview for a job? Friday, many people report being in a good mood and, as a result, are more relaxed.

What’s the best day to ask for a raise? Thursday or Friday. We are most open to compromise towards the end of the workweek when we are looking for the least amount of conflict.

When’s the best time to drop a bombshell during a meeting? The first 10 minutes – 80 per cent of professionals start daydreaming after 10 minutes in meetings.

When’s the best time to take a vacation? August was ranked highest (36 per cent of executives take holidays then) followed by July (21 per cent) and December (14 per cent).

When’s the best time to take your cell phone on vacation? Never. A study of 800 college professors determined that they didn’t experience the appropriate vacation restoration when they stayed connected to their office.

What’s the best time of day to tee off with a client? Late afternoon. Everyone is less rushed and you’ll likely have the opportunity to grab dinner or a drink afterward.

When is the best time to look for a new job? It’s best to start looking when you are still excited about having the one you have.

When’s the best time to buy ketchup? May. This is the time when most grocery stores use ketchup as a loss leader into the start of barbeque season.

When is it the best time to fly? Noon. Majority of people travel early in the morning and late in the day. This mimics the traffic patterns. Traveling at noon is the least busiest time of the day.

The real issue about timing has more to do with you. When is the best time to do anything? When you’re ready. No matter what statistic say, the best time for you to ask for a raise is when you are confident or prepared. You should probably hold off a day or so until you are ready.

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