What you need to know about career restlessness – part 3

Here it is – the final piece of our three part series on
managing “middlesence”. For those of you who
have missed the past two articles, you can catch up
by scrolling down.

This week’s edition is thanks in large part to an
excellent article I caught in the Harvard Business
Review, as well as a soon-to-be-released book by
Morison, Erickson and Dychtwald.

We have discussed the key issues of middlesence, now
it is time to focus on the concrete actions you can take
to get “unstuck”. The research suggests there
are 6 common themes that really help professionals

1. Fresh assignments: Make a lateral move to
a completely different part of the organization;

2. Career Change: Do something different –
something very, very different;

3. Mentoring: Ironically, when you give, you
get. It is a great way to reconnect with your passions
and to extend your reach in the company;

4. Training: Look for courses or experiences
that are outside your domain, or that may be in a
different format than you might normally choose. You
could also look at something with more of an
investment of time or energy, such as completing an

5. Sabbaticals: It could be a “mini” sabbatical,
or something longer; or

6. Leadership development: If your company
has a formal development program, find out what you
need to do to be chosen or to position yourself for the
next session. This could give you a lighter version
MBA, without the degree (or the cost!)

The good news is there are always options – the key is
to choose well. We can help – visit us at www.careerjoy.com
for more information.