What you need to know about career restlessness – part 2

It has been 7 days since we last connected about middlescence. In this edition, I wanted to share the 6 key areas of friction experienced by mid career professionals as discovered by researchers Morison, Erickson and Dychtwald:

1. Career bottleneck: there are currently more baby boomers competing for limited leadership opportunities, while companies are moving toward a flat organizational structure;

2. Work life tension: balancing children, income and a professional life is very challenging;

3. Lengthening horizon: mid career professionals are spending more and saving less, causing the average age of retirement to increase;

4. Skills obsolescence: professionals are having to adjust to new ways of working and adapt to the changing economy;

5. Disillusionment with employer: many employees are experiencing issues related to integrity and downsizing;

6. Burnout: after a number of years, people are stretched thin due to stress and long hours; and

7. Career Disappointment: due in part to not meeting your own expectations of where you thought you would be at this time in your life.

Do any of these areas of friction resonate with you? The good news is that you CAN change. I often remind myself that we don’t live in an environment where we are being forced to work. We DO have choices. The key is not to do anything rash, but rather start working on your transition plan.

Next week I will share the final piece of this three part series, highlighting the actions you can take to get back on track.