What To Stop Doing In Your Career

Early this year I was reading a magazine called Wallpaper. It is a design magazine and January’s issue was all about design awards. As I was perusing the magazine, something caught my attention. It was an ad that said: “Stop Running, Start Walking”.

I thought this was an interesting concept. Wouldn’t running get me there faster? In a way, walking seems less valuable, although I say that as a runner.

I have done some mental digestion on this, and one of the things I have observed in our career coaching is the concept of running. I often notice when we first meet clients that they seem to be doing a lot of running around. Reading books, online tests, chatting with people, etc. They seem to be literally chasing answers in an attempt to be pro-active, only to feel more confused and more frustrated.

Make life easier on yourself

1 You have to stop running

2. You have to start walking

Life is funny that way; you have to stop to start.

Stopping doesn’t mean you forget about finding answers but rather you need to stop your current strategy and start a new strategy to find the answers that you need. Start a new plan that is intentional but not intense. This may be as simple as taking a blank piece of paper with your morning coffee and letting some of your thoughts start to flow into words.

Did you ever notice how going for a nice slow walk allows you to notice things that have been there the whole time but that you never saw before?

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