What needs have you seen?

Last week I asked you — the readers – to write in and share some of your thoughts on what needs you have seen in the market. We had a terrific response, lots of ideas, thoughts, comments, and questions. Thank you for your input! One of the great things about our blog and ezine is that we get a chance to develop conversations with our readers, as opposed to offering a monologue.

Christina shared with me the following :

This is the key first step, remember: ‘if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it’! You want to fix the company’s need, not yours, not what you think the company’s need is.

Lynn shared a story about a masters student in New York City, named Debra Adler:

Debra saw a need to design a medication bottle. She created a new packaging system called Clear RX, due to the fact her grandparents took each others’ medication by mistake. That bottle is now used by the retail chain, Target.

Lorena mentioned the following about Interac use :

Both sides of an Interac machine should have a reader, so that it doesn’t matter which way you put the card in. Maybe they are all the same, but people like me can’t remember, so we’re always turning the card around. Tellers must use the line “turn it the other way” with almost every customer!

Helen shared:

My favourite story about this is the bagged salad people. The original manufacturers were farmers who just washed and plastic-bagged their own salad so they’d have something to eat quickly during the busy farm day. They decided to sell a few of those, began marketing to a few local stores. I think they are multi-millionaires now.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to write — I enjoyed reading your comments!

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