Giving the very best to your work. What Jack Layton taught me….

I was driving up University Avenue on Thursday night, when the hearse went by. By the timing & the police presence, I deduced that this was carrying the body of Jack Layton from Parliament Hill, to his final resting place, in Toronto. I was having a discussion with Peggy, one of my associates about the incredible response to his death over this past week. She had an experience with Jack, when he was a young city councilor in Toronto. She remembered the genuine care that he showed for her particular issue & his authentic desire to help her. 

There have been many comments about Jack, about the person & his politics. I am sure many of you read his final letter that he wrote. I am struck, that even as a final act, he wanted to connect, share his convictions and show his care for the people of Canada. I personally, was really impressed by how he signed this letter.


All my very best,

Jack Layton


There have been many comments about the body of the letter, I was most inspired by it’s ending.


All my very best.


This is both a statement and a call to action. I think that is what Canadian’s have ultimately responded to, a person who gave the very best to what he did, both in his professional & personal life. While I did not share his political philosophy, I think we all deeply resonate with this desire to live a life of meaning, & to do our very best. 


Jack gave his very best, & he found a way to tie in his passions & talents into profession that not only made a difference for him, but the Canadians that he served.


Thanks Jack, your legacy will be that, a person who gave his very best. That is a life very well lived.


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