What does Gallop say we should call this season?

I have seen it myself – people are kinder, there is more
laughter, and we become a generous bunch. While
there is a general sense of busyness, there is also
lightness in the air. So is the Christmas spirit.

Or should I say, so is the “holiday season”? It has
given me quite a chuckle – what is this season called?
As we stumble with our words, our friends at Gallop did
a poll about all the “controversy” over what to call this
particular season. They wanted to know how
concerned people really were over this issue.

The first question they asked was as follows: “When
meeting someone, what would you say at this time of
the year?”
56% responded that they would
say “Merry Christmas”, while 41% said “Happy
holidays”. Gallop then asked a second question
directed at the stores and companies using “Happy
holidays” as their primary greeting: 62% said this was a
change for the worse, while 24% said this was a
change for the better.

In response to Gallop’s third question – “Are you
offended if you are greeted with a ‘Merry
– only 3% of people surveyed were
offended (versus the 32% of people who were offended
by happy holidays!).

So there you have it – Merry Christmas! May this
season of joy, fun, peace, and hope be upon you and
your family, and may your eggnog be of the “strong”

Have a wonderful Christmas season and Happy
Chanukah for my Jewish friends.