What do you do really really well? The good beer folks at Steam Whistle Brewery share their career wisdom.

What do you do really, really well? Last night, almost 1 billion people watched The Academy Awards ceremony, where professional excellence is celebrated. We saw numerous people rewarded for doing their job really, really well. This week’s podcast is with the founder of Steam Whistle Brewery, Greg Taylor, and 2 employees Trish Yee and Lorna Willner. They share their personal journey working for a company that has spent the last 12 years focused on producing 1 great product: a premium pilsner beer.   

You might be asking: what is the connection between the Oscars and Steam Whistle Brewery? In 1991, Jack Palance won an Academy Award for Best Supporting actor in the movie City Slickers. In his role as “Curly,” he gave some great career advice to “Mitch” (played by Billy Crystal). “Do one thing,” he says, “just one thing. You stick to that and everything else don’t mean sh*t.”  “That’s great, but what’s the one thing?” Mitch responds. “That’s what you gotta figure out,” said Curly.

The good beer folks at Steam Whistle Breweries figured it out, Greg figured it out, Trish figured it out, Lorna figured it out, and so did Jack Palance. You might be asking, “How do I figure it out?” Greg shared a great piece of advice: “Follow your head and your heart. This applies to companies as well, Greg stated “If we create an organization where our employees are in the right situation, then Sunday nights people will be looking forward to going to work on Monday. We will have succeeded as a company, if we are able to do this”  


Remember this is a complex question; the answer is closer than you think, and my team and I can help. Unlike the Academy awards, when figure this out, everyone wins, including you.  


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