What do Easter & job-hunting have in common

I hope you are enjoying your Easter weekend. The tradition of the Easter egg was started in the early 19 th century, by German immigrants. Colored eggs, were placed in their caps & bonnets of children before Easter. Hence, the Easter bunny ritual entered our culture and, the founders of Nestle & Mars lived happily (& richly) ever after.

Part of the magic of this season, is the egg hunt. Every family has their own Easter traditions. Finding Easter eggs & looking for new career opportunities have much in common, except for the caps & bonnets bit. There is the hunt, then the sweetness of the reward once you have found what you are looking for. This week’s podcast we discuss the variety of ways to identify and find quality job opportunities with Peter Harris from Workopolis. 


The 2 key principles of successful job-hunting;

1. Finding opportunities starts with really looking. I know that sounds like a simplistic statement, but it is true. I have been part of many egg hunts, where I wasn’t really looking. When it comes to job hunting, really look, it’s as much about attitude as accepting that this part of the practical reality of a job search. Opportunities won’t usually seek you out.

2. Where to spend time looking? In a Climber.com poll, respondents shared where they spent time looking for opportunities:


1. Searching for positions online 29.94%

2. Applying to positions 27.28%

3. Networking 24.11%

4. Researching companies 12.89%

5. Working with a recruiter 5.56%


My advice to clients is to use all the above elements in your job search. You never know where and when the best opportunities will be found, the more things you do. the merrier.  


Like the overall purpose of Easter, “Finding” is all about connecting with people, aka potential hiring managers. Peter shared “Remember…people hire people, not paper, getting your resume out is one thing, connecting with the right person is the key!”


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Finding opportunities, along the road with you! 




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