What do Canadians look for in work?

Asking questions and getting insightful answers from Canadians is something that John Wright, Senior Vice-President of Ipsos-Reid, has been doing for most of his professional career. John is the co-author of a really interesting book, What Canadians Think About Almost Everything.

In this weeks podcast with John, we learn about his insights into the distinctly Canadian view of work. John works with companies such as McDonalds, Coca-Cola and Wal-Mart helping them to understand Canadians needs and wants, which enables these companies to make smart decisions about new and existing brands and products. Ironically, the same things that apply to building ones career are the things that help sell dog food. A research company provides its clients with a valuable perspective and framework, and companies then adapt their products and services to reflect their understanding of the current market. Similarly, individual employees need to put the current employment market into context in order to make intelligent choices about their own careers. Those who research the market and gain an understanding of it, will be best prepared for the realities they encounter.

Ten years ago, more than 36% of Canadians feared for their jobs; today only 12% do. Today 19% of Canadians feel less loyal towards their employer than they did ten years ago, while 22% feel more loyal. Unlike back then, the major challenges confronting employers today are how to attract and retain qualified employees. In some parts of Canada, companies are desperate for skilled employees, and even in low-paying sectors such as retail, employers are having a very difficult time hiring staff. The economy is always cyclical. There will be times when it is red hot and the right job is easy to find, just as job searches will be tougher when we’re experiencing a downturn. But despite the economic conditions, the best people will always be in demand. Being the best at what you do is the greatest advantage you can gain in order to shield yourself from changes in the economic climate. In my opinion, few people become experts at the career journey.

Ironically, what I do is very similar to John’s work, bringing insight and context into your career decisions. Use my expertise to help you be your best by booking an initial consultation today.

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Alan Kearns

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