[FLR] | What Courageous Leaders Do Differently | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,


I was out for our biweekly team breakfast this morning. One of my team members was sharing her thoughts about a project she is launching with a new client partner in Calgary who was referred to us.


We are very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with a variety of projects on people & culture & continue to have great results.


She shared with enthusiasm how keen she was on this new project. It is both full of opportunities & challenges in its scope, especially as they are a new client partner.


Reflecting on her comments, we discussed the role that confidence plays in her leadership of this project.


She was putting into practice her [LQ] Leadership Intelligence, namely, the leadership of self.


Leading oneself means that she takes steps into areas outside her comfort zone with courage, trusting her insight & leaning on her abundance of experience. Not that she won’t experience some feelings of doubt at certain moments.


Are you leading yourself & others forward with courage?


Along the road with you!







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