[MMM] Why Your Vote Counts for Your Career & Our Country

Good Monday Morning!
Today, we have a great privilege. We get to vote.
You are not only voting for your local candidate, you are voting for who will take on the biggest job in the country – the role of the Prime Minister.
In case you are wondering, this is not a political message. I am not going to try & influence which party you should vote for.
Choosing where you are going to work next & choosing where to place your X on the ballot box have much in common. At the end of the day, we all have choices. You have a choice over the work that you do, how you are rewarded, and the leader that you are going to work for.
Whether you are evaluating which new project to take on, an internal transfer within your organization or between two competing job offers, making a choice regarding the leader we “vote” to work for will have the greatest influence over the quality of your situation.
Unlike elections (especially this current one) you usually don’t have a lot of time to get to know a lot about the differences in your potential leadership options. Imagine meeting a person for one, maybe two, meetings and then deciding to move in with them. That’s the problem with the hiring model. At least in election campaigns we get to observe the candidates in multiple types of scenarios & debates, etc. Pay close attention. You can scan recommendations on LinkedIn, speak to people in the industry to get a sense of their reputation, most importantly pay attention in the hiring process over your sense of the person. Do you feel confident in the organization? Are you genuinely impressed with the person & how you will grow with them and the organization? Working for a great boss can make average work a lot more interesting.
As you consider where you put your X, it is both an honor & a privilege that we get to choose who will lead this great country of ours. Which leader can you see sitting across the table negotiating on Canada’s behalf with Barack Obama or Vladimir Putin?
Choose wisely – your career and your country will benefit.
Along the road with you!

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