Too late to change your career direction? 101 Virgil Coffman owner of 2010 426 HP Camaro

Good Monday Morning,

I am often asked, when is too late to change your career direction? That depends on how old you are. Now I don’t mean biologically, I mean in your own mind. This weeks podcast is with Virgil Coffman who will turn 102 in January, he just picked up his 2 010 426 hp Camaro – Transformers edition (bright yellow) I interviewed Virgil and Scott Turner, the Sales Manager of Miles Chevrolet where he purchased his new car. Virgil’s story inspired Scott’s team, his town and even General Motors. This past week, Virgil was invited to GM’s headquarters for a special reception with Ed Welburn, vice president of global design for General Motors. Here are some interesting facts:

1907 Virgil Coffman was born.

1911 The company Chevrolet was born.

1966 The Chevrolet Camaro was first introduced into the market (Virgil 59 yrs young).

Both companies and individuals need to understand how to manage their mindset about dealing with change. Scott shared that one of Virgil’s key attributes is his optimism. In fact, when asked how long he would keep the car Virgil shared “If I keep that 10 or 12 years, it will be worth about $100,000”. What will you be driving or doing, at 102 years of age? Virgil proves to people like you and I and to Fortune 500 companies, that it is never ever too late to change, maybe more complex, but never too late.

This week, if you find yourself thinking you are too old, too tired, too young, too… think WWVD- what would Virgil do?

Continue the conversation on my blog. What are thoughts about Virgil’s story?

This week’s poll ; Is it too late to change your career direction?

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