The Wisdom of Charles Dickens


Well, this is a wonderful season and many faiths including mine, are celebrating the wonder of hope, love and joy at this time. Holidays are a time of reflecting and connecting with family. I also recognize that this can be a very dark time for some. Maybe you have had a very difficult year and you identify with the darkness of Scrooge from Charles Dickens’ The Christmas Carol.

If that is sounding familiar, remember the rest of the story. As Scrooge struggles through difficult choices and experiences, he emerges a changed man. As a result of this inward change, and the ability to see the world around him through different eyes, he wakes up to a changed life. It is a story of a resurrected man and a story of hope that wouldn’t have happened if he wasn’t influenced by those around him.

I think it is amazing how we can change our perspective through the help of others.

This is a busy time and we often get caught in all the “stuff” we need to buy, or bake, or wrap. Even though we may do these things for the people we love, don’t forget the ways that we can change and help each other in profound ways. Often in life the best things really are free.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.