The vacation results are in

We had a tremendous response to last week’s email on
vacations. The winner of our “Tell Us Your Vacation
contest is Pam Soltesz. She has won a
copy of “Unforgettable things to do before you die” by
Watkins & Jones. Here is her story:

A couple of years ago, my husband and I decided to
take a TWO WEEK vacation. He had never taken two
weeks in a row and he was 52 at the time! He was
horrified at the thought of two whole weeks without
working. However, we decided to go to the east coast
because we had never been there.

We did not make any reservations, deciding instead to
just take things as they came. This was a huge step
for my husband because he is not a spontaneous
person and really likes to have plans cemented in place
before taking a step out the front door!

Our destination was actually PEI, so that’s where we
decided to head for first. We crossed the
Confederation Bridge and stopped at the Travellers
Information station on PEI – a huge and lovely facility
strategically placed where tourists like us could find it
(what a great idea!). There we discovered numerous
brochures on everthing and everywhere in PEI, and the
other Atlantic provinces.

We decided on a B&B, and found our way to a lovely
spot we called home for 4 days while exploring the
island. Our hosts were wonderful, the room was
exquisite, and the breakfasts were to die for.

Once done with PEI, we took the ferry across to the
mainland and headed for Cape Breton. We had been
told by others to be sure to visit the Cabot Trail, so
that’s what we did. What an adventure exploring all
the nooks and crannies of this stunning part of our
country. At the end of the first day we found another
B&B for the night, and then immediately headed off to a
local ceilagh (kay-lee) where we received a history
lesson on the roots of the communities that make up
Cape Breton, and then heard the most toe-tapping
fiddle music we have ever heard. It was like a step
back in time and I could feel my blood pressure
dropping and the stress oozing out of every pore of my
body – and we were only at day 6!

We travelled on into Nova Scotia, staying at B&B’s we
discovered along our way, toured the Halifax waterfront
with its fascinating marine museums and ships to
explore, and then headed on to Peggy’s Cove. Little
did we know that the very day we were visiting this
postcard-picture-perfect community was the
anniversary of the SwissAir 111 airplane disaster. News
crews were set up and some family members had come
to pay their respects to those who perished that
terrible night, but also to thank the local people for
their bravery, courage and generosity through that
ordeal. It was quite moving to be there at that

Our entire trip was like that – every time we turned a
corner there were new vistas to see, places to explore
and wonderfully warm and friendly people to meet. By
the time we finally arrived back home in Brampton,
outside Toronto, it felt as though we had been gone for
a month, we were so relaxed!!

This journey, that began as a vague plan to go to PEI,
ended up to be one of the very best vacation times we
have ever experienced, and deepened our love for
Canada and her people. So much did we enjoy
ourselves, that this year we are planning to explore
New Brunswick the very same way. We can hardly

Best wishes to Pam and to the rest of you – we hope
your vacation is just as relaxing!

On the road with you,

Alan Kearns