Top 10 smart negotiation tips, to get paid what you are really worth – Part 2

Are you getting paid what you are really worth? If you are Roberto Luongo you probably are (especially in Vancouver wins the Stanley Cup) This week is part 2 in my series on the top 10 smart ways to negotiate the best package. Click here to read the first 5 tips from last week. This week’s podcast is how all about the most effective ways to negotiate with Peter Harris from Workopolis.   

Here are the last 5 of 10 tips, for smart salary negotiations:


6. Back up your “reasons.” As I mentioned last week, this is an opportunity to show you can carry your weight in a negotiation. Part of that includes justifying your position based on the evidence you’ve been able to gather about the salary you should receive. As well, demonstrate your value by using your resumé to point out quantified benefits you brought to previous employers.


7. Be willing to walk away. It’s easy to convince yourself that there is only one “dream job.” The truth is that many of the most desirable aspects of work (great colleagues, flexible hours, interesting work environment) can be found within a broad range of opportunities. If you feel pressure to accept conditions you won’t want to live with in the future it’s perfectly fine to withdraw from the interview process.


8. Don’t revisit agreed upon points. Again, this is a chance to prove you’re a strong negotiator. Revisiting points you’ve agreed to suggests you aren’t able to keep to your word. If the employer insists on revisiting points she’s agreed to, it suggests her negotiation has been less than sincere.


9. Use your instincts. Interviews take place on many levels. Questions can be complicated and have multiple intentions. Astute interviewers will observe body language and tone of voice as well as the answers you give. When deep in the complexities of the final negotiation trust your instincts (and your research).


10. Don’t rush! At the end of the negotiation you may feel pressured to commit. Take a day to consider your options and make a decision you’re comfortable with.


Having to negotiate is difficult. For many, simply recognizing the nature of the discussion is helpful. Recognize that this is an opportunity for you to feature your value to the company. Also, accept the fact that the employer has the incentive to hire you for as low a salary as possible and will seek justification for ever dollar you are seeking.


When put in perspective, the negotiation is a great opportunity for you to show that you can remain professional and clear-minded in a high stakes environment. In addition, if you’re successful, your pre-negotiation preparation could be the best investment you will ever make. So use these negotiation techniques and get the salary you really deserve.


Continue the conversation on my blog. What are some negotiation tips that have worked for you?   


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