Want to achieve career success in 2012? Reward yourself…

Welcome to the first working Monday of 2012. This is the second week of 2012, how are your resolutions working out for you so far? Your success is directly related one muscle this year. Willpower. In fact, next to intelligence, willpower is the next key to your professional & personal success. We know this to be true, how do we power the will?

One thing that will forever stick with me was a conversation I was having about parenting with a client. She shared her simple advice, want a great kid? Spend your time & energy rewarding positive behaviour. Punishment has very short-term benefits & generally isn’t that effective long-term.  

Think of our friends at American Express, they don’t offer punishment points, it’s all about the rewards.

A friend of mine bought himself a song on iTunes every time he went for a run. The end result, he lost 20 lb. & ran a 1/2 marathon with his iPod fully charged (with music that is…) It worked with encouraging my son to brush his teeth. I gave him 1 dollar for every day he brushed his teeth for 30 days. The following month, he was $30 dollars richer. No discussions, no reminders and a lot less stress for his Dad. 

Companies understand this, every sales organization has some sort of reward mechanism to encourage their teams to hit their goals. Rewards can include gift certificates, trips and new cars.

Lest you think this is psychobabble. One of the world’s most influential psychologists, Roy F. Baumeister shares the latest research in his book Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human StrengthRewarding positive behaviour is like fuel for your car, it powers the will.


Dr. Baumeister shared “If you use willpower only to deny yourself pleasures, it becomes a grim, thankless form of defense. But when you use it to gain something, you can wring pleasure out of the dreariest tasks.

Finish that report on deadline. Reward yourself.

Networked with 2 new people today. Reward yourself.

Have the difficult conversation. Reward yourself.

Hit that call goals for the day. Reward yourself.

Finish your day with no emails to follow up with. Reward yourself.

Complete that MBA assignment. Reward yourself.

It’s that easy, & yes membership does have it’s privileges. Less stress, more opportunities & better overall quality of life.


Did you know you are 8 times more likely to follow through on your resolutions if you have a career coach? 2012 can be the best time in your career, it’s all about rewards. 


Want to explore this idea in a deeper way? I would recommend listing to this week’s podcast with Daniel Coyle, author of The Talent Code. 


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Rewarding, along the road with you!  




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