The Monday Morning Motivator | Anthony Hopkins Shares the Key to a Successful Interview

What do acting and job interviews have in common? A lot more than you might think. I was reminded of this by an interview between Charlie Rose & Anthony Hopkins. You can watch it here. I am a fan of all things Anthony Hopkins; he is such a talented actor & has much wisdom to share on how to have a successful career


I was fascinated to learn about Anthony Hopkins’ career journey. He started his career on the stage, and then moved to film.  Anthony discussed the key factor of his success as an actor – memorizing the script. He said it was only when he knew his lines, that he could fully enter into character.


A good example of this, was the night before starting to film Nixon; Anthony Hopkins shared that he was nervous as “heck“. He wasn’t sure if he “got” Nixon. However, he had spent months learning and refining the script. He said; “The moment Oliver Stone started to shoot the film, it all clicked. All of my work memorizing & getting into character paid off.”


I see this with clients – as soon as they find a script & become comfortable with their (message), the more they can enter into the conversation (interview) in a way that is convincing. Average acting & average interviews have much in common – you can tell the person is not in character and is not believable. You might say the film deserves to go straight to Netflix!


Anthony Hopkins is leaving a legacy of work that is authentic and excellent, giving us stories in which we are able to enter into a different time and space. Find a way to express what you have done, what you bring, and what you have to offer. Understand the context of the company; learn as much as you can about their products, staff, and competitors. Know it cold, then relax and enjoy the show.


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Authentically in character, along the road with you!




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