The Monday Morning Motivator | 6 Ways to Make Smarter Career Decisions!

Recently, I made what I think was a pretty “smart” decision, you can see for yourself here. I have been thinking about buying a car for the last few months. I have looked at lots of options & considered what car that would meet my needs & give me joy when I drove it (hence, the license plate, CarJoy). My daughter, upon seeing the car for the first time, said “awww!” Her brother was quick to respond, “Any car my sister says awww to, I won’t be seen dead in!” I promptly reminded him that his bike will only take him so far.


We all make choices in our lives, from choosing the right car, ice cream, relationships tocareer choices. Truth be told, sometimes I struggle with making decisions, as a “recovering” perfectionist. Over time, I have become much better at making decisions with less stress, more confidence & better outcomes.


Researchers at Northwestern University and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign collected data from 370 adults in the United States during a telephone survey. In this survey on choices that people regret, the number one regret was relationships, closely followed by education & career choices. My team are not relationship experts, but we do spend most of our time helping our clients through empowering them, to make the best possible careerdecisions they can make.


I was struck by the first official interview on 60 Minutes with Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan. Putting all politics aside, Mitt Romney, from most peoples’ perspectives, has been a very effective leader & made more good than bad decisions. He has had to make choices in business, leading an Olympic Games & Governing the State of Massachusetts.


The first question asked by Bob Schieffer from 60 minutes was “Governor, I want to start with this, you have been going through this process of deciding who you wanted as your running mate for about three months, very methodical, all of it conducted in secret. What I would like to know was there one point where there was one moment when you said, ‘This is the guy. This is my guy.’ “


Mitt responded “The final decision, Bob, was not until really August 1st. I was intrigued and inclined towards Paul for some time, but I kept my mind open, and then on August 1st it was time to make that final decision. I called Paul and said, ‘I’d like to meet you on Sunday.’ And, we sat down and made it happen.


6 principles to help you make better choices;


1. Keep your options open

2. Keep your mind open

3. Pay attention to your gut & your mind

4. Don’t try to please everyone

5. Make a decision

6. Commit & follow through with the decision


Whether choosing a new manager, going back to school, or deciding to start a job search; before you make the decision make sure that you take the proper amount of time.

The quality of your personal & professional life is deeply dependent on your ability to make the right choices.


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Choosing wisely, along the road with you!




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