The Incredibles. What about you?

Bob Parr was super. Then he lost it. Never heard of him? He’s Mr. Incredible (no, he’s not one of our clients). Bob’s one of the heroes in Pixar’s new movie, “The Incredibles” (You know, Pixar, where Steve Jobs, iPod maker by day, is savvy cartoon spinster by night).

Fifteen years ago Bob was a super-hero. Unfortunately, a few of the people he saved sued him for damages and the legal establishment forced him out of his true passion: super-heroing. Now Mr. Incredible is just plain Bob and he works as an insurance claims adjuster at Insurcon. Insurcon’s motto is “Your life is in our hands”; ironically Bob’s life isn’t looking too good. Instead of a super-hero, Bob is flabby and super-sized.

Without ruining the story, Bob gets his swing back and everyone benefits. He gets back to using his real talents. Bob becomes Mr. Incredible again. We want our clients to experience this kind of transition. So, to get you started, we are giving away 10 passes to this movie.

To get two free tickets, send an email to and tell us one of two things. Tell us why you’re a super-hero at work and what you did to get there (how you matched your talents and passions with your job). Or tell us why you are not a super-hero (maybe you don’t understand your talents or you can’t find the right job) and what’s holding you back. We’ll do a draw this week to determine the five winners.

Hey, around here, “Your life is in YOUR hands”.

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