The Great Canadian Horrible Boss Sweepstakes….

We have all had one, a horrible boss. The weekend, the movie Horrible Bosses opened with heavy hitters, Kevin Spacey, Colin Farrell & Jennifer Aniston. It opened to fairly good reviews, & rang in almost $26 million in sales – not bad for a weekends work!  

The title is terrific, we can all relate to the subject matter. The plot of the movie is fairly simple, three friends want to murder their bosses so they can get on enjoying the work they do, and living a happy life. Let me be clear, this is a “story” I am not suggesting that if you have an issue with your boss, you use murder as a constructive solution. There are far smarter ways to deal with that kind of situation. 


Most of us have had a good laugh over the experiences that we have had with bosses who make Atilla the Hun, look kind and gentle. Speaking of bad bosses, you can listen to my podcast about what it means to be a great boss & run a great company with Greg Taylor founder of SteamWhistle Brewery.  


We are going to do something a little different for the next couple of weeks.


We are having The Great Canadian Horrible Boss Sweepstakes.


Why are we doing this?

1. It’s summer, the “horrible boss” (aka me) is away a lot.  


2. There are horrible bosses in the land. We want to expose some of the stories. CareerJoy is very much about recognizing a toxic environment brought on by a horrible boss & turning this into something positive. Learning what they are & in what ways this kind of behavior plays out, is the first step in avoiding them. This can also be a great way to realize how great your current boss is.  


3. It’s summer, I like giving away stuff & we can all have a bit of fun with this idea.   


What’s the purpose?

To get you to share with others what your experience was like. We all can learn from mistakes, have a good chuckle & we all will recognize that maybe it is “them” after all. It also teaches us about how it is really usually about personality issues.


How do you enter the draw?

It’s simple, share your thoughts on our new Facebook fan page (“like” it as well) or email alan@CareerJoy.com  or leave a comment below in my blog.  Submit a short story about a “horrible boss” experience & what you learned. Please, only use first name or pseudonym,  I am not trying to shame anyone, we strictly offer this as a way of sharing stories and learning from other mistakes.   


Who can win?

Anyone who enters a story on our Facebook fan page. (Please remember, on 


What do you win?

First prize – Dinner for 2 + a pair of movie tickets and all the fixin’s (popcorn, drinks etc ) $150 value (1 prize)

Second prize – 2 pairs of tickets to the movies + some of the fixin’s- $75 value (5 prizes)

Third prize – 1 pair of tickets to the movies + a little bit of the fixin’s, $50 value (10 prizes)


When do you draw for the prize?

Monday August 8th @ 6 PM E.T.

Will you help share the “love”.  Could you help me, help you, help others? Would you be willing to share this idea virally through YouTube, Twitter & Facebook?


Continue the conversation on our Facebook
fan page or my blog. What are some of your stories? 


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The (not so) horrible boss, along the road with you!



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