The career Da Vinci code

Ron Howard and Tom Hanks are at it again – this week
The Da Vinci Code hits the theatres. They have
already traveled to the moon together, and now, well,
they are on to a new conspiracy theory.

The Da Vinci Code is all the rage these days. I
remember a client of mine recommending the book
when it first came out, before it became the mega hit it
is today. As the movie is released around the world,
there will be all kinds of ways to experience the Da
Vinci Code
– online, on DVD, on the movie

Opportunity often comes to us at the strangest time.
Sal Riina (president of Gem-sen) was attending an
industry show in Las Vegas last year. As Sal and his
wife were waiting in line for a bus after the show, they
started discussing The Da Vinci Code. Their
conversation was overheard by a person waiting in
front of them. This person happened to be an
executive with Sony Pictures, the producer of the
movie: “We started talking, and one thing led to
said Sal.

Sal’s company, Gem-sen, is based in Vaughan, Ontario.
It has won the Canadian rights for all Da Vinci
merchandise – a pretty terrific outcome for
being in the right place at the right time!

There is a lot of truth to that statement when it comes
to opportunity in our careers. I do believe, however,
that there are a few other things that also play out in
getting these “mega opportunities”. You have to be
open, pay attention, and be curious. And you
ultimately have to follow through and be able to deliver
the goods – just as Gem-sen hopes to be delivering a
lot of goods and all the royalties attached!

I find it interesting that big opportunities need help –
Sony needed Sal as much as Sal needed Sony. Next
time you are in line, open your ears to other
possibilities. You never know what you may be in line