The best and worst managers

In last week’s WORKout, I chatted about management. I asked you to take some time to think about the managers that you have had, and asked you to share some of the characteristics of both. We had a terrific response, with lots of insightful observations. It is interesting to note that there were far more positive traits described than negative ones.

I have condensed your comments to a short list, which has been included below. The names have been removed to protect the innocent!


" unable to articulate a vision, strategy, or even a set of tactics. Faced with a team of talented individuals, came across as feeling threatened by all direct reports" " sets reports up for failure, changes mind on process several times a day" " management style shatters confidence, instills fear and self-doubt, and negative health issues." " chose to intimidate employees in order to get way" " I felt like a guinea pig on a treadmill – at least a guinea pig gets taken out of the cage now and then to get a pat on the head!"


" recognized my need to contribute more than was required by my role, on paper. Encouraged & supported me in creating and implementing new opportunities" " provided clear, specific vision, goals and objectives. Charismatic leader, with an open honest attitude to team" " truly adds value. Honest feedback – sometimes brutally so, but you always know where you stand." " is always willing to listen to and implement ideas or learnings which a report may suggest, compliments staff on suggestions and their work, recommends people for growth, provides work which encourages staff to grow, always respectful and approachable" " quick to praise others, kept us in the loop, and stuck to well-informed decisions" " always fair and wisdom was evident in the way managed people"

We have three winners for the book "The Peter Principle"; Andy Baldin, MT, and Carol Granier. Congratulations!

One of the great things about these contests is the conversations that are developed with our readers. Thanks for listening!

This week’s 1O minute WORKout: Send your best boss a quick thank you note, or better yet, take them out for coffee.

p.s. iPod users, we have a slight delay. Details to follow really, really soon!

Along the road with you,

Alan Kearns