The career advantages of being an introvert-The quieter way to get ahead!

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Last week we had a terrific event with our friends at HigherBracket. In our Q&A time with Trish Barbato, we had the “I” question. “I hear lots about networking and self-promotion, but I am an introvert.” This week’s podcast is with business communication coach Nancy Ancowitz author of Self-Promotion for Introverts – The quiet guide to getting ahead. I invited her on our Webinar series to share the myths and realities of what it means to be an introvert in today’s professional environment.

If you are in introvert you are in good company. Introverts make up around 25% of the population. Some famous introverts include, Barbara Walters, Warren Buffet & Pierre Trudeau. Carl Jung defined introverts as “inward turning” and extroverts as “outward turning.” Introverts are more energized alone, extroverts are energized by people. The classic myth is introverts are not as good with people, as extroverts are. We are all social beings, introverts can in many ways be better with people, they tend to be better listeners, more creative and more analytical. There are many advantages to being “inward turning” I would argue that it has never been a better time to be an introvert. With the rise of social media tools like, blogging. Linkedin, twitter and Facebook,  great platforms for the person who is more introverted by nature. Social media is an “introverts” paradise.

Is it better to be an extrovert or an introvert? The answer would be yes, both have strengths and weaknesses. The powerful question is how do you manage your natural style and leverage your strengths. Don’t use your style as an excuse…it won’t help you.


In what way has being introverted or extroverted helped your career? Join the conversation and share your thoughts on my blog.


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The happy introvert, along the road with you!




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