The 7 habits of a highly defective career.

How are you doing in your career? If you were writing your own career report card, what would it say? Last week we discussed the big picture of what is going on in the world of the professionals. I called this your career report card. I would say it would be in the "lots of potential but needs more focus" category.

This is just like the student that is under performing. There are often some root causes to the person not reaching their potential. Research from this study published by Harvard identified 7 core issues that are creating challenges and stress for professionals today.

1. Career Bottleneck: Baby boomers affect more people – less positions

2. Work/life tension: Professionals struggling with elder AND child care within a 24X7 global economy

3. Lengthening Horizon: Due to debt etc., more like Freedom 75

4. Skills Obsolescence: Constant need to upgrade skills due to technology and educational requirements

5. Disillusionment with employer: Right sizing – outsourcing and executive compensation

6. Burnout: Stress related to high pressure and constant deadlines

7. Career Disappointment: The Gap between youthful ideals and later realities

That is quite a list. As has been said, "it is the best of times and the worst of times". If you are not reaching your professional potential do any of these resonate with you? Each one of the 7 has its own sets of challenges. In my work, I consistently see these core issues being played out. For each of these I have developed tools and strategies to help move my clients forward. Next week I will be sharing the research on some great solutions. At the end of the day, these are not insurmountable challenges. There are some great practical things we can do to get on the Highly Effective Careers. Ultimately, this is the purpose of what we do. We desire to help our clients reach their full career potential within the most effective way,

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What would your career report card say?