[MMM] The 6 Ways To Secure Your Future

Happy Monday morning,


Have you been thinking about your job security? How does job security play into your career decisions? It is a factor to some degree for everyone when planning next career steps. So regardless of how important traditional job security is to you, here are 6 steps to secure your future:


Surround yourself with mentors – You need to actively seek out people to build personal and professional relationships. A majority of the opportunities in your career will come through a network that has a personal and vested interest in you. Look for people who care about you, who have similar values and who live a meaningful life.


Action: Often your current or former boss is a great place to start. Grab coffee with this person in the next 30 days and ask for their input.


Put people first – Servanthood is a key leadership principle. People follow those who are genuinely interested in helping others. Remember, leadership is about them – not you.


Action: Everyone is a leader. Look for a leadership development course or program to help develop your potential.


Be more interested than interesting – When you are meeting with people in your organization, resist the desire to make the discussion about you. Make it about them. People want to talk about themselves and what they are doing.


Action: Tomorrow ask lots of questions wherever you go.


Love what you do – Focus on the type of work and people that align with your values will seek you out. You will be a better fit, have more success and you will find your role far more rewarding.


Action: In your next interview, ask to meet with others in the organization. It is a great way to get an overall perspective on what is happening.


Take risks – You have to know and respect the different levels of risk tolerance that you are willing to incur in your career. The paradox is that there is much more security found in taking smart risks than in playing it safe.


Action: What smart career risk can you take this coming week? Could you phone a potential employer and meet for an informational session?


Develop positive affirmations – There is a lot of negativity in the market and in the media. Try looking at the world through a lens that is focused on where the options are and the potential you have to participate in areas of growth.


Action: Try not listening to the news for one week. You will be amazed at how little you will miss and how much more positive you may become.


These six ideas are not new. Like any formula, the key elements are quite simple. The complexity and the challenge are in applying them to your own situation. If you wish for things to change, you need to change.


Along the road with you,




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