The 3 Things to Remember When Dealing With Recruiters & HR Professionals

How confident are you when dealing with recruiters and human resources? What is the most effective way to work with them? How does it “really” work when dealing with these types of professionals? This week’s podcast is part 2 from The Great Canadian Job Search Webinar. Peter Harris from Workopolis and I discussed the different approaches with HR and recruiters; how to effectively leverage both in your job search.

I spent a number of years in the recruiting industry running a retained search firm. I found many candidates were unsure what the relationship was between myself and the employer and, what role HR played in the process.

In school we learned are 3 R’s. Think of the 3 R’s when dealing with recruiters and the human resources department.

1. Relationship – it is important to connect with them in a personal way. They can be a true advocate for you, if you show respect, they’ll be on your side.

2. Resumes – You need a document that is professional and gives logical information. Make sure it is relevant to the specific role they are recruiting for.

3. Requirements – Make sure that you understand the needs, wants and biases from the recruiters perspective – not just what is described in the job description.

Bonus; Results – Ultimately hiring managers are looking for candidates who can solve problems, save money and get the job done.

Peter shared “A great resume is only as good as the hands it ends up in. The resume purpose is to help recruiters and HR to market you internally with their clients”

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Learning, along the road with you!


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