The 2 Most Important Things to Manage When Dealing with Risk in Your Career

Have you ever wanted to do something, yet you felt afraid. Maybe it was taking on a more senior role, starting a new business, or initiating a job search campaign. This week’s podcast is from The Canadian Career Development Webinar Series  with Jeff Wise, journalist, pilot-adventurer, and author of Extreme Fear – The Science of Your Mind in Danger. As a journalist, Jeff has written a very popular column “I’ll try anything” for Popular Mechanics. As a freelance journalist, he has spent the last number of years jumping out of airplanes, mushing dogs in Alaska and diving in exotic places. Jeff hs researched and explored the human need for adventure, risk and community, and the role that fear plays in all of those things.

According to a recent CareerPoll, 43% of respondents shared that they felt held back by fear, and 43% of respondents said that fear had been a motivator for them to take action. Our response to fear was viewed equally as reason to change, or not to change. Jeff’s book shows that the difference between how you respond to fear comes down to two fundamental factors. He stated “Managing fear is all about understanding what areas you don’t and do have control over, and what information you don’t and do need” As you consider where you want to go next in your career, remember you don’t have control  over your boss or the economy, but you do have control over what you do next. 

This week’s 60 Second Workout – What things do you have control over in your current situation? 

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