"That's it, I'm done…." When & how to quit….

I was on the CBC Maritime Noon phone-in show (you can listen to the recording here). We had a number of new clients connect with our Halifax office after the show. Many were inquiring how to move forward in their career. One client shared how a very public incident, helped him to leave a very secure, but unfulfilling profession.

You may remember the story about JetBlue flight attendant. Steve Slater. While his plane was sitting at the gate, he grabbed a beer, told his employer & his passengers, “That’s it, I’m done,” pulled the emergency exit door, and surfed down the slide. He started a brand new chapter in his personal & professional life. Not quite a golden parachute, but then when you are jumping 20 feet, a parachute isn’t exactly the best choice. 


This story went viral. His actions involved all the right elements, drama, humor &  most importantly, spoke to a deeper truth, that many related to.

58% of professionals are dissatisfied in their career & want out. 


“Pulling a Slater,” has become the modern example of “take this job and shove it.” Steve had his 15 minutes of fame, including an appearance on Good Morning America & interviews with all the major news outlets. Steve’s willingness & courage to deal with his deep dissatisfaction, inspired our client to proactively deal with his situation. While I personally wouldn’t recommend quitting the way Steve did, I think it influenced many others to be more rational in their approach. In our clients case, he worked with his organization created a solid plan & walked out the door with his head held high, solid relationships & a great reference. 


Karen Burns author of The Amazing Adventures of Working Girl: Real Life Career Advice You Can Actually Use! Karen shared her advice in my Podcast about “quitting well”. She shared “Knowing when to quit and how to quit, are fundamental skills in managing your career.” 


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Knowing when, along the road with you!




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