Surviving dreaded conversations | How to talk through any difficult situation at work

What types of conversations keep you up at night and fills you with dread? How do you feel about asking for a raise? Why is it so difficult to be honest when in a confrontation with an employee or co-worker? This week’s podcast, is with Donna Flagg best-selling author of Surviving Dreaded Conversations: How to Talk Through Any Difficult Situation at Work. She was a guest on last week’s Canadian Career Development Webinar. I promise you won’t dread this conversation!

We all have things that bug us, or sense we deserve better, but we would like to avoid talking about. This week, one of my clients shared a very funny (& sad) example of how we can even “outsource” these types of conversations. Donna shared “The reason we often avoid bringing something up is we imagine all the things that will go wrong. Rarely do this imagined events occur ”  Donna shares in her book some strategies to help your” Dreaded conversation muscles.”


1. Provide yourself with an opportunity to think rationally & logically and work through your own process.

2. Pursue a solution but don’t delude yourself into thinking that the solutions translates into changing someone or getting your way.


Donna’s advice is very very solid, the quality of your career and your life depends, on the quality of your conversations.


This week’s Workout – Just say it.


Continue the conversation on my blog; How do you deal with conversations that are uncomfortable?


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