Success Under the Star of Venus

Wimbledon–the Holy Grail of the Tennis World. All the great players must at some point win at Wimbledon, and not only win once but multiple times to stand apart from their competitors.

This past weekend Venus Williams won her third Wimbledon championship. What makes this particular win so important is the fact that she has been seen as a star on the down slope of her career. She was ranked 14th in the world, and she was playing against #1 ranked Lindsay Davenport, so statistically it was a no- brainer–Lindsay was a shoe-in to win. However, one thing Lindsay and the rest of the world hadn’t counted on was Venus’s confidence in herself and in her destiny.

Ranking has very little to do with winning. There are many examples of teams and individuals who believe they are winners even if the stats don’t always prove it at the time. Here is what Venus believed: “I realize we live in a very tough time, critical times and, in order to keep your balance and your sanity you have to believe in something.”

Remember, she lost to a 15 year old in this year’s French Open, which just added to the evidence suggesting she was past her prime. One quote has stuck with me, however, when she said “I’ve always felt like a champion in my heart. I knew my destiny was to be back in the winner’s circle and to win big titles again.”

Three key ideas:

1. Venus believed in the deepest part of her that she was a Champion.

2. Venus had a sense of purpose for the potential she knew she still possessed.

3. You can beat anyone or any situation, with the above two beliefs!

The role of Venus’s coach was to keep her connected to her beliefs and to remind her why they are still relevant. As a Career Coach, it is one of my great privileges to help clients connect to their own potential so they too can be champions!.

Along the road with you…