Sr HR advisors share advice on how to deal with a lay-off

It happens every single day of the week; it may have happened to you in your career already. Getting laid off. Today, more than ever, this is a reality in the world of work. It happens at all levels and in all sectors. This week’s podcast is from our recent Canadian Career Development Webinar with two experts on this subject.

Andrea Zanetti has spent the last number of years as a director of HR and has also been on the other side of the desk delivering the news. Eleanor Clitheroe is the former CEO of Hydro One and shares her advice on she recovered from her lay-off.

This past week, I was speaking at a conference in Victoria on personal branding (First time I have gotten excited about dandelions in a long time, and discovered a great fish & chip shop: Red Fish Blue Fish). One of the participants discussed the looming lay-offs coming in the B.C. Government. In today’s world dealing with a lay-off is a skill-set we all need to develop. Some people can anticipate this type of event while others walk into a meeting only to discover they are no longer employed.

The key word of advice from both Eleanor and Andrea is “Be prepared. If there is a layoff coming get a plan of action in place. This gives you a sense of control over your future and you know what your immediate next steps are.” Some of the ways you can be prepared include keeping a list of all your major contacts off-site as well as any emails and employer reviews you may have. Also, it’s important to keep a backup off-site of your presentations, etc. that you may find useful in your next role. Make some calls to your network, you will be pleasantly surprised what opportunities are in the market.

This week’s 60 Second Workout- Create a lay-off plan for yourself. You never know how hard this could be

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