Say no to 1000 things – Career advice from Steve Jobs

This past few weeks Apple has sold over 1million iPads. Incredible.

People waited for days outside stores to hand over their hard-earned money for the latest and greatest iPad.


Could you imagine if people were lined up for 24 hours to buy your product or service? What does Steve Jobs and his team at Apple do differently? No other brand has this kind of success.


This week’s podcast is with Carmine Gallo, communication advisor to some of the world’s leading brands and author of The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs


Carmine has spent the last five years interviewing hundreds of different people who have been involved with Apple and other ventures, to discover what makes Steve Jobs so successful.  The results of the research are some simple principles that anyone can use to do great work and stand out from the crowd.  


Seven key principles that Steve Jobs uses consistently to create innovation:


   1. Do what you love. Think differently about your career.

   2. Put a dent in the universe. Think differently about your vision.

   3. Kick start your brain. Think differently about your vision.

   4. Sell dreams, not products. Think differently about your customers.

   5. Say no to 1,000 things. Think differently about design.

   6. Create insanely great experiences. Think differently about your brand.

   7. Master the message. Think differently about your story. 


Thinking differently is not just a motto for Steve Jobs, it is the way he lives his life and leads the great companies he created, such as Apple and Pixar. They are the reasons that get him out of bed, even as he lives with the daily reality of late-stage cancer.


Steve’s key is not that he just “thinks different”, he “lives different” and millions of people in the world benefit from this commitment. As he puts it, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”


What are your thoughts about thinking differently? Join the conversation; share your wisdom on my blog.


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Thinking & living differently, along the road with you!


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