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Have you ever thought that you wear too many hats in your career? Are your days at work so filled with commitments, meetings, and to-do lists that time goes by in a blur? Do you feel at home in your career? This week’s podcast is from our Canadian Career Development Webinar with Sarah Susanka, author of The Not So Big series.

Sarah was a very successful architect with many interesting projects and great demand for her services however, she felt like she was being consumed by her work. You may have reached out to a professional architect like Sarah, as your home was not working the way it previously had. Sometimes this is a result of changing needs, or you may have chosen the home for the wrong reasons. Sarah works with her clients to uncover what is working, and what is not working in their home. Out of these discussions, a design and blueprint is created that suits their current needs. Sarah ended up on a similar journey with her own career, asking the same questions about what was working and not working. From the discovery of these answers, she created a new blueprint for her career and her life.

Sarah and I have the same philosophy, we are both focused on finding solutions that result in a better quality of life. Designing a home and designing a career have much in common. They start with understanding who you are and where you are. Sarah shared “one of the primary roles of an Architect is to improve the quality of what you already have and, this isn’t about the neighbors, it is about receiving yourself in a home that suits you

Ironically, Sarah and I are in a very similar business, she helps to design houses that you feel at home in, myself and my team help to design careers that you feel at home in.

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