Running Room founder John Stanton shares the best way to change!

Have you ever tried to lose weight or start a fitness program? It is late at night and you are channel surfing only to see that magic machine for sale. "Ah, that’s the answer to my lifelong problem of not being in shape". You go ahead and order the magic machine and wait eagerly for the smiling UPS driver. The dog barks at the door and your day of change has arrived. As you sign for your package you can feel your blood pressure dropping already. The life you have been waiting for has arrived! You eagerly unwrap the item and start your journey toward ab heaven that very day. Six weeks later, the magic machine is crying out from the desert, and your abs have more winter storage for the coming winter months.

We like to think about change, read about change and talk about change but when it comes down to it change is, well, not easy. Even people who have had a heart attack have a problem with change. According to research done by John Hopkins Medical School, only 10% of heart surgery patients maintain a long-term healthy lifestyle.

This weeks podcast is with John Stanton, the founder of the Running Room. He shares his journey about the things he has learned in helping people to deal with change in their life and how to grow a successful business and career. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the Running Room concept. John doesn’t just sell shoes. His stores are more about providing a supportive community. I personally went through the Running Room’s 16 week program, and I realized what a powerful process it is when you provide a program and emotional support as well as having a good pair of shoes. You have a great coaching team to support you both technically and emotionally and have fun at the same time.

When provided coaching and ongoing support for a period of a year, an astonishing 77% of heart surgery patients were able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. When you are provided both the tools and the emotional support, you are 7.7 times more likely to be successful with change. Am I trying to persuade you that coaching is a benefit? Absolutely! Why? Because it works, and I have been on both sides of the equation. We have helped hundreds of professionals get in better "career shape" and my own experience with the Running Room reminded me of the personal benefit of external experts and great advice, support and fun. You can buy shoes at any store, but John figured out a much better way to ultimately help people and sell a lot of shoes to boot (pun intended) so everyone wins. Need help with change? Join our TeleWORKshop.

Along the road with you,