Roy MacGregor on what it means to be Canadian….

Proud to be Canadian this Monday morning? Alex Bilodeau won Canada’s first ever gold at an Olympic games held on our land. He has made us proud and his life will never be the same. Over 23 million watched some portion of the opening day of the 2010 winter Olympics. 84% of all televisions on Friday, were watching the opening ceremonies. This week’s podcas t is with Roy MacGregor, one of Canada’s most gifted storytellers, author and Globe & Mail columnist. Roy has invested the past 35 yrs traveling from St.John’s To Victoria discovering and sharing what makes Canada such a wonderful and complex place to live, work and play.

He shares some of these observations in his book Canadians: A Portrait of a Country and its People. Roy shared his thoughts on why identity is so important “A separate national identity is key when you live so closely to a large influential country like the United Sates, much like a teenager expressing their uniqueness and independence from their family. We even speak differently in our little world.” Athletes and professionals that are successful in the Olympics and in a competitive global marketplace have a number of things in common – they have a clear and distinctive identity, they have something to offer that the market needs and most of all, they believe in themselves.

This weeks 60 Second Workout; Tune in and support our Olympic athletes.

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