Regina's Janice Taylor co-founder of | How 12 days in Australia with Oprah changed her life

Do you believe in luck, or can luck be manufactured? What about being at the right place at the right time? This week’s podcast is from our webinar with Janice Taylor from Regina and cofounder of Janice was chosen to be a part of Oprah’s ultimate audience, and travel with Oprah on her 12-Day Australian adventure.

Janice shared three key ideas on our webinar;


Luck – “Luck is more about being focusing on what you want and taking actions towards your goals. The more focused I became, the luckier I got.”

Timing – “My thesis was about relationships, now I see how my education, experience working in the corporate world, my failures and successes have come all together at the right place and time.”

Community “No matter how much money and success you have, you need community. Your quality of life is directly related to your quality of community.”


Janice did get to spend some private time with Oprah, she was moved by the humility and authenticity that resonated deeply from her. Oprah and Janice are in completely different phases in their own journey however, they both have the courage, community and commitment to inspire others to pursue their dreams. 


What are your thoughts about the role timing, luck and community have affected your career? Join the conversation, share your wisdom on my blog.


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Lucky, along the road with you!




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