Paul McCartney's Career Advice

Paul – he’s been a quarryman, Beatle, Wing, Poet,
Painter, Father, Front Man, Producer, Business Mogul,
and if that weren’t enough, a Knight.

You may or may not have seen the new ads put out by
Fidelity Investments. Paul is their new global
representative – using the extra money to pay for the
rising fuel costs in his new private jet no doubt (even
the rich are impacted by $70 a barrel oil prices).

I find it interesting that a financial services company is
speaking to the market about career management
issues. There is another financial company talking
about that issue as well, called Freedom 55.

I like Paul’s pitch better; freedom now, who wants
to wait until 55 to be free
? You may not make it.
This company and their marketing machine are quite

Four facts:

1 They are hitting a huge, growing need for career

2. When you are fulfilled, you will become a lot

3. When you are wealthier, you will invest more with

4. They, in turn, will become wealthier.

Wealth is personal. There are lots of measurements
more important than what our friends at Fidelity, or
Paul for that matter, define. However, like Paul, when
you do what you love, lots of “wealth”

The key is, never stop doing what you love. I

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